Funny How to Ask For A number on Tinder

Funny How to Ask For A number on Tinder

Tinder may be a nerve-wracking experience because everyone is a complete complete complete stranger and most most likely won’t make the very first move.

Which is why it’s your responsibility to deliver the communications to your matches to get those digits!

End up being the one that begins the conversation, gets cell phone numbers, and wants times on Tinder.

That you will get if you are going to wait for your matches to message you first, you will significantly lower the number of dates.

Not all message that is dating get line will effectively enable you to get a telephone number.

Numerous appealing singles on Tinder get lots of unoriginal boring messages everyday and you have to be different with your messages if you want to be successful.

It is critical to be creative and clever should you want to be noticed, get cell phone numbers, and in the end times.

Now let’s have a look at 6 simple techniques to have more cell phone numbers on Tinder.

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6 Funny How to request an unknown number on Tinder

1. The enjoyment emoji way

Use emojis to ask for a playfully telephone quantity on Tinder.

Additionally is a far more way that is unique request a telephone number nonetheless it can be a lot of enjoyment when your match plays along.

You will find tens of thousands of different emojis you could used to get the message across.

Illustration of how exactly to require a telephone number with emojis

You: ? ? ? ? вќ“

Girl: ?‍♀️

You: ?вќ“

Woman: 987-654-1234

You: ?

2. Enjoy a game title

Them to play a game in which the loser will have to share his phone number if you’re getting comfortable with someone on Tinder, don’t be afraid to ask.

Enjoy an expressed word game, a guessing game, or something like that comparable and work out yes they lose.

Once they do, you’ll have their telephone number.

You can easily text them right away and tease them how dreadful these are generally in this video game.

You can also also let them know that you will provide them with a few classes when they purchase that you coffee.

Other games you could use Tinder along with your matches:

  • Truth or dare
  • Two truth plus one lie
  • Can you instead
  • Not have We ever

3. Be Corny

“Hey we forgot my quantity, may I have yours?”

“i am going to rest definitely better if I add your phone number to my contacts tonight”

“I desire I’d your phone number yesterday evening…”

“I included your title and picture to my associates. Simply lacking your contact number”

Sometimes a corny line can perhaps work and acquire you the device number.

Lots of singles are way too serious whenever chatting on Tinder and a corny laugh can lighten the mood up.

4. Get Started With Shock

“Oh no, one thing is incorrect with my cellular phone!”

The response that is usual be “what occurred?”

You are able to playfully respond “your quantity is not here!”

Essentially, make a claim that is exaggerated then ask with regards to their quantity.

5. Be Soft

“I’m maybe maybe not just a mathematician, but i’m very good with figures. What about this, offer me personally your number and I’ll show you the thing I may do along with it!”

“Can you are doing me personally a benefit, please? I believe my phone just isn’t working. Can you deliver me a text to ensure I am able to always check?”

6. More Jokes

“Wow, you might be therefore breathtaking. I’m blinded. I’m have to your mobile phone number for many of the insurance coverage purposes.”

Making use of jokes could be the simplest way to obtain the telephone number therefore don’t forget to make use of a few and find out just how your matches respond.


After testing out these enjoyable methods to request someone’s true number on Tinder, you need to be one step nearer to getting decidedly more times and in the end finding your soulmate.

You may be messaging the wrong type of people if you still not having luck on Tinder.

Many Tinder users are simply interested in an instant fling or a one evening stand and if you need something more severe you have to use other online dating sites.

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