What Is An Nhs Health Check?

Another way to help ensure that services respond in time to a health check ping request is to perform the dependency health check logic in a background thread and update an isHealthy flag that the ping logic checks. In this case, servers respond promptly to health checks, and the dependency health checking produces a predictable load on the external system it interacts with. When teams do this, they are extra cautious about detecting a failure of the health check thread. If that background thread exits, the server does not detect a future server failure (or recovery!). While fail open is a helpful behavior, at Amazon we tend to be skeptical of things that we can’t fully arthritis medication reason about or test in all situations.

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For example, consider a service where the servers connect to a shared data store. If that data store becomes slow or responds with a low error rate, the servers might occasionally fail their dependency health checks. This condition causes servers to flap in and out of service but does not trigger the fail-open threshold. Reasoning out and testing partial failures of dependencies with these health checks is important to avoid a situation where a failure could cause deep health checks to make matters worse.

We haven’t yet come up with general proofs that fail open will trigger as we expect for all types of overload, partial failures, or gray failures in a system or in that system’s dependencies. Because of this limitation, teams at Amazon tend to restrict their fast-acting load balancer health checks to local health checks and rely on centralized systems to carefully react to deeper dependency health checks. This isn’t to say we don’t use fail-open behavior or prove that it works in particular cases. But when logic can act on a large number of servers quickly, we are extremely cautious about that logic. When we rely on fail-open behavior, we make sure to test the failure modes of the dependency heath check.

  • Anomaly detection is an incredible catchall for unanticipated failure modes.
  • We would want the data plane APIs to continue to operate even if the control plane APIs are having trouble talking to their dependencies.
  • Servers may slow down instead of failing, or they may respond faster than their peers, which is a sign that they’re returning false responses to their callers.
  • Software issues, such as deadlocks or bugs in connection pools, can also hinder network communication.
  • However, when a server doesn’t see an update for a while, it doesn’t know whether the update mechanism is broken or the central update system stopped publishing updates to all servers.
  • • Any unanticipated failure mode—Sometimes servers fail in such a way that they return errors that they identify error as the client’s instead of theirs .

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When an individual server fails a health check, the load balancer stops sending it traffic. But when all servers fail health checks at the same time, the load balancer fails open, allowing traffic to all servers. We can use load balancers to support the safe implementation of a dependency health check, perhaps including one that queries its database and checks to ensure that its non-critical support processes are running.

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Teams also write their own custom health check system to periodically ask each server if it is healthy and report to AWS Auto Scaling when a server is unhealthy. One common implementation of this system involves a Lambda function that runs every minute, testing the health of every server. These health checks can even save their state between each run in something like DynamoDB so that they don’t inadvertently mark too many servers as unhealthy at once. When services don’t have deep enough health checks, individual queue worker servers can have failures like disks filling up or running out of file descriptors. This issue won’t stop the server from pulling work off the queue, but it will stop the server from being able to successfully process messages.

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